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They represent long histories in the field, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, emerging practices, such as Uganda, Korea and Spain, the lesser known philosophies of China and histories marked by massive social change, as in Poland and Iran. The editors have carefully selected contributors, as well as an editorial board created […]

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Le bottiglie, tutte da 0,75 litri, erano trasportate da un cittadino bulgaro di 68 anni. Sulle confezioni era riportata la scritta “product of Italy” e anche le bottiglie erano marchiate con la dicitura “wine of Italy”. Il sequestro rientra nell’ampia attività della Guardia di Finanza per tutelare i prodotti italiani. De Martino, R. Parapetti, G. […]

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Take frequent advantage of the THIS feature which puts great tools at my fingertips for free (ie. Study Bibles, commentaries (Matthew Henry is my fav!), dictionaries and encyclopedias. provides a variety of reliable biblical information with just a few clicks. Per il conto obbligatorio dei pensionati (per adesso) un solo slittamento. Ma è presto per […]

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Red blood cell (RBC) transfusion is a very common therapeutic intervention. However, because of multiple recent studies improving our understanding of appropriate transfusion scenarios, the total number of RBC units transfused per year is actually decreasing in the developed world and there are no longer major shortages of RBC products for general use. Nonetheless, there […]