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ce niveaul’endothélium peut tre absent (fig.1c). Le nombre de noyaux visibles en coupe histologique est diminué [5]. Le degré de coloration desnoyaux par l’hématoxyline varie; il est plus important pour les cellules d’allurefibroblastique que pour celles ayant gardé une morphologie normale [22]. Of course, all of these changes meant that he also had to drop […]

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Akbar said he was inspired to tweet Monday morning whilereading the poetry of Persian poet Majid Naficy,and wondering what his life would be like without having read Naficy’s work. After Ayatollah Khomeini established theocratic rule in Iran in 1979, an experience that appears in Naficy’s poetry. His poem, “Allowance,” begins with the lines: “When creeping […]