Hogan Knows Best Drifting

Media images on television need to reflect that reality to help people who consume media and who don’t have the day to day, face to face contact with others, or where that contact is minimal, to help them have a greater appreciation of other experiences and how they’re all part of the American fabric.I don’t believe that there’s a silver bullet, that if you just do this one thing, you solve the problems of the world.I think that it will require lots of interventions on lots of fronts. I think there needs to be continuing public pressure to demand the types of diversity on screen that are reflective of American diversity.People in the industry themselves, that is to say, those who are in charge, need to get the memo and recognize that the bottom line also is going to be increasingly dependent upon diversity. You need more diverse voices pitching TV ideas, movie ideas.

It is no wonder Everton look like a club lacking direction and identity as the targets and parameters change more quickly than the weather. Nothing adds up as viewpoints bend with ease and ambition exists mostly as an afterthought. Talk is cheap and muddled messages are still the only constant.

The first Premier League campaign where fourth place was rewarded with Champions League qualification was back in 2001 02, when Newcastle finished there with relative ease. The following season, however, featured unquestionably the most significant battle for fourth. On the final day of 2002 03, two sides were gunning for the final Champions League position: Chelsea and Liverpool.

Questo quarto di finale appena concluso ha visto calare il sipario però anche su un derby familiare che a più riprese ha lasciato la sua impronta nelle tre partite disputate: quello tra i due fratelli Emiliano (attaccante del Valdagno) e Gonzalo Romero (pilastro del Forte e autore sabato della rete del momentaneo 3 1). Gonzalo, avete raggiunto la semifinale rischiando moltissimo contro un Valdagno che vi ha fatto sudare fino in gara 3: pro e contro di questo difficile esordio nei playoff? Siamo cresciuti molto in queste prime tre partite, forse ritrovarci a doverci giocare il tutto per tutto dopo gara 1 ci ha compattati ancora di più perché nelle ultime due gare in particolare abbiamo sfoderato prestazioni di intensità assoluta dominando entrambe le partite. Il Forte sabato ha giocato per 35 minuti almeno in questo modo, per cui ancora una volta bisogna fare i complimenti a Cunegatti che ha tenuto in partita la sua squadra fino alla fine.

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